Dear Visitor,

We are is a specialized medical Laboratory with a holistic point of view.

We offer a wide stool diagnostic based on microbiological and immunological testings. We provide the highest qualitäty standards due to the german guidelines for quality controls for laboratories.

We are sepcialised on the diagnostic of

  • food sensitivities and -allergies
  • bowel inflammation
  • leaky gut
  • digestive disorders
  • dysbiosis
  • mycosis
  • parasitosis
  • gluten sensitivity
  • immunodeficiency


we offer exclusively the anaylsis of serotonin in the gut. We could find reduced levels in several disorders like food intolerances, depressive disorders, autism and many more.

We also provide objective therapy recommendations on every report.

Please find here our requisition form. You can get your free sample tubes any time.

For questions contact us directly by Phone +49-9745-91910
or Email rosler(at)labor-rosler(dot)de.

Sincerely, Dr. Eduard Rosler

За пациенти от България, ексклузивен представител е Детокс Център:
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For bulgarian patients: Please note our representative in Sofia. Detoxcenter:
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